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What is CBD oil?

CBD oil, also named cannabis or weed oil, is actually a strange name because “weed” conjures up an association with mind-altering drugs, but that actually gives the wrong idea of what cannabis oil is. After all, it’s not supposed to get you high.

Ingredients of CBD oil

The reason for the name cannabis oil is that the ingredient in cannabis oil comes from the cannabis plant. The most common form of cannabis oil is cannabidiol (CBD). You cannot get high from this substance. For this reason, CBD oil is very popular.

Hemp Seed Oil

In cannabis oil, the ingredient (e.g. CBD, CBG or THC) is mixed with a vegetable oil. This used to be mostly olive oil and sometimes coconut oil, but today hemp seed oil is mostly used. That way it stays as close as possible to the hemp plant.

What is cannabis oil used for?

Due to strict European legislation, we cannot make any statements about the health benefits of CBD, we always recommend you to consult a trained physician before using CBD products.

Is using CBD enjoyable?

A common question is whether you can get high from cannabis oil. This depends on the cannabis oil you use.

We will say it again here: it is impossible to get high from CBD oil. This is because the ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) is not a mind-altering substance. Cannabis consists of two main elements CBD and THC. THC is the addictive part, which our oil is free of.

THC oil

You can get high from cannabis oil that contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, you can easily reduce the risk of getting high by using the right dosage. We do not condone and offer products with THC oil in it.

What kind of cannabis oil should I choose?

Always try CBD oil first. CBD oil is legal and it is impossible to get high from it. Therefore, CBD oil can also be administered to children and animals. For some people CBG oil works better, this is also derived from a non-addictive part of the hennep plant.