About us

We are 3 guys and like many stories, coincidence brought us together.

We were all born and raised in the 70’s in different rural environments, farming sustained our families and way of life; dairy, horses, citrus, olives. The values we share until today, stem from this common background…


Plants   Environment   Land


Over the years we all followed our separate paths around the world, working and developing in completely different disciplines;

  • An economist with a lifetime’s international experience in the agro-chemical industry.

  • A veterinary doctor and entrepreneur who started his own business and now runs several veterinary clinics.

  • A lawyer & businessman who partners and invests in properties and businesses internationally.

Our journeys converged in the Netherlands where we all settled with our families and pursued our various business activities.

During one of our regular get-togethers over a cup of coffee one morning, it occurred to us to get into business together, something different and ground-breaking that will help people as well as animals, improving their lives while also returning to the environment we all grew up in…

And an idea was born! We nurtured and developed it over the months that followed and our research brought us to the cannabis crop and its medically fascinating Cannabidiol (CBD) extract.
We set up “GREEN ELEMENT”, a research, production and sales company, specializing in a variety of CBD products targeted at pets as well as exclusive products for human use.
We believe in the enormous potential of this underrated plant extract to change lives for the better, with its unique and proven therapeutic properties. We are committed to offering high quality products to the market, to disrupting the conventional food supplement industry and to serving our customers in the best way we can.